YOU CAN CREATE YOUR IDEAL FERTILITY TEAM TOO that you can conceive your healthy baby faster, feeling more empowered, calm and confident.


The Fertility Playbook guides you through my proven, journey tested, step-by-step method to ensuring you leave every appointment feeling;





and, In the best possible care.




I've been supporting thousands of couples through their fertility struggles and celebrating their breakthroughs for more than 24 years.


Finding  the right team is one of the biggest obstacles couples face on their fertility journey.


Without the right team, couples often feel lost, hopeless, unclear about the best next step and confused about what their results mean. 


They describe feeling dis-empowered and out of control, on the roller-coaster of hope and utter defeat.


With the Playbook you can-

Find exactly the right support for you.

Create a team of practitioners who work together to optimize your fertility and prepare you for a healthy pregnancy.

Leave every appointment feeling confident in your practitioner and your path forward.

 Learn how to ask the right questions.

Feel empowered, aware, positive and supported after each consultation.

The Fertility Playbook was created to help you feel more calm, confident and in control, AND so that you can avoid feelings of anxiety, confusion and overwhelm. 


You'll discover-

How to successfully navigate the many choices and options you have when choosing YOUR fertility team.

3 fundamental steps you can take to prepare
effectively for your appointments and make the most of your time with your practitioner.

Leave your appointments with your questions answered, confident you understand every element of your fertility.



Here's what other couples have experienced...

"You have turned me from

skeptic to believer

as the only difference

with this cycle is the work we have done together which has obviously paid off to improve egg quality!! So THANK-YOU!!


I am excited and hopeful for the first time in a long time!"

"Feeling so much gratitude after the somewhat challenging journey that we have been on.

Thank you for your support during our fertility journey'




"I can't thank you enough for your support in giving us this most precious gift.


I feel like you really are a fairy godmother that brings couples beautiful babies.

What an amazing and special gift.

A little bit of background...

Natalie Pickering has been nurturing, guiding and supporting women to overcome their health challenges for more than two and a half decades. She is a qualified Naturopathic Clinician with expertise in natural fertility and women’s wellness. Natalie has had remarkable success helping hundreds of couples to overcome their obstacles, reclaim their fertility and become parents to healthy, happy babies.


Natalie provides science based, integrative naturopathic medicine alongside a meaningful, warm connection with her patients. She combines a deep knowledge of nutritional, lifestyle, and botanical medicine to develop highly personalized, effective treatment plans. She is passionate about empowering her patients with a deep understanding of their bodies and health obstacles, creating powerful long term changes in their health and wellness.



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